Draft Product Description for Fedora Workstation

Christian Schaller cschalle at redhat.com
Thu Nov 7 15:01:30 UTC 2013

Hi Frank,
They will, although in some sense I am the wrong person to ask this question as it
will be up to the people developing and packaging these DE's just like it is now.

The difference from today here though will be that there will be some requirements for being available
for the workstation as the PRD states. The main one here that I foresee is that you can't conflict in 
terms of library requirements or binary names with the standard desktop of the workstation. I don't think
that has been a big problem historically so it will likely have minimal impact, but it is now going to 
be a formal requirement as the PRD currently stands.

I expect there will be other requirements defined too, but I want to make it clear that the goals of 
these requirements is not to make it impossible or even hard to package alternative DEs for the workstation.
But what it will mean is that for instance it will be 100% clear that the responsibility to stay available rests on the 
alternative DEs packagers and developers and not on the core product developers. Of course with this also comes extra 
responsibility of the Workstation working group to ensure that development plans are shared as early as possible, to give 
everyone a chance to port over in time (ref. the recent Bluez discussion).

But it all comes back to what I mentioned in an earlier email. The 3 products is a attempt at moving from primarily packaging
upstream projects, to having concrete independent development targets for each product and to have engineers work on those 
independently of upstream priorities. So in some sense when people install alternative DEs that will to some degree mean that 
they are no longer using the Workstation as at least a subset of the features developed and announced as the big new features of a given 
release will not be available simply because they where features implemented or bugs fixed in the primary desktop. That is of course not
specific to the Workstation product. 


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> Will the other DE's still exist after "workstation"
> Will a dev be able to use Xfce, Lxde as graphical choice.
> What would encourage say an xubuntu dev  //* devs are still users */
> working on foo, to switch to "Fedora Workstation"?
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