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Thu Nov 7 19:39:50 UTC 2013

Well the installer is work in progress and there are a lot of features missing still, and
there are still questions that we need to figure out the answer to in terms of installing various things.

We are trying to nail down the core design first before adding support for 'everything', 
but there will be the need for a .desktop file and an appdata file for anything that wants to be in.
Maybe long term we want to filter terminal applications into a separate 'tab' or similar, but regardless of 
long term presentation if you maintain a package with a terminal application and want it to show up in the installer 
the solution is to create a .desktop file and a appdata file for it.


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> I guess the main obstacle here is that there isn't really a good
> criterion which is as clear-cut as "installs a (non-NoDisplay)
> .desktop file" => "this is a user-visible gui application" for gui
> applications - mutt certainly is a user application, sshd clearly is
> not, zsh ... maybe?
> Why do you want to differentiate between Mutt and sshd? If a user wants to
> install a specific piece of software, they search for it within a gui and if
> it matches, they install it and move on. If you really need some way to
> differentiate, you can have some form of tagging via fedora tagger or
> appdata which you can include in more than just gui packages.
> When I want some software, say Epiphany and Mutt, if I can only use the
> installer for the Epiphany but I have to use yum for Mutt, I rather just use
> yum for both where I don't have to switch between two different ways of
> getting it. I don't mind the focus on gui applications but leaving out
> command line tools altogether forces me to think about whether say htop
> would be considered a application by the installer or not which is not the
> level I want to differentiate at all. When I search for something within the
> installer and it returns nothing, is it because there is genuinely nothing
> that matches what I want within the repositories or is the installer just
> excluding it based on implementation level details like desktop files and
> appdata? How would I know? It is just too complex.
> Rahul
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