Draft Product Description for Fedora Workstation

Michael Cronenworth mike at cchtml.com
Thu Nov 7 19:47:34 UTC 2013

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> Like repos.fedorapeople.org ?

I don't have a beef with r.f.o. They're no different from hosting a repo on a 
personal server. The top of the root page even contains a disclaimer.

> How on earth do you get to 'does away with them' ?

It's a Fedora infrastructure server building non-Fedora packages. Why is it 
considered part of Fedora? Plus there is no disclaimer.

> The copr maintainers? along with anyone who looks at them who wishes to
> report something non distributable. Just like repos.fedorapeople.org

Good. I see that feature.

> Sure they can. This just allows them a place to publish them and not
> use local computing resources to build them.

I don't have anything wrong with creating a useful service if it respects 
Fedora's principles.

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