OpenCL comps group

Fabian Deutsch fabian.deutsch at
Thu Nov 7 21:34:14 UTC 2013


with this change [0] we try to bring some basic OpenCL support to Fedora
To make the user (or developer) experience even better I'd like to add a
group which contain a set of opencl packages to enable basic OpenCL
support on a host - for usage and development.
According to [1] this mailinglist shall be contacted to discuss this.
So let us discuss if it's sensible to add a group called "OpenCL
Support" or alike (suggestions are welcome!), which contain the
following (incomplete) list of packages:
* opencl-headers - Khronos OpenCL headers
* opencl-filesystem - Ownership for shared dirs
* ocl-icd - OpenCL ICD loader
* pocl - CPU only OpenCL implementation
* clinfo - Tool to query OpenCL informations
* mesa-opencl - Mesa's OpenCL support (NEW, needs mesa 10)
* beignet - Intel OpenCL implementation for _some_ CPUs (NEW,
            volunteers to package this?

Does it make sense to have such a group? And how shall this be
displayed? Using the OpenCL icon within gnome-software?

Thoughts, ideas and criticism?

- fabian


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