Christian Schaller cschalle at redhat.com
Thu Nov 7 21:37:18 UTC 2013

Ok, so I guess the solution would be for the launcher to do something like this:

gnome-terminal --geometry 80x37 --disable-factory --role=bitchx --class=bitchx --name "bitchX IRC" --title "BitchX IRC"

That said Ray mentioned that this is probably not supported yet in the Shell launcher. 

Anyway, as Richard says, we should have a proper design discussion around this and not just add a ton of .desktop files without thinking through the presentation
and how it will work. But feel free to file some bug reports to kick of a discussion.


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> Is / was a rather political decision to make BitchX unavailable through this app-market / Software GUI thing? 

How do you launch bitchx from gnome-shell? If it's just a random binary without any desktop or appdata file, it isn't an application as far as gnome-software is concerned. If that needs to change, it needs to be discussed and properly designed in #gnome-design. 


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