Self Introduction

Ben Nemec bnemec at
Sun Nov 10 17:48:12 UTC 2013


I'm looking to become a co-maintainer on at least one package (and likely more in the near future), and I see one of the steps is an introduction to the list, so here goes:

I was recently hired by Red Hat to work on the OpenStack project, and I've been involved to one extent or another with Linux and open source for about ten years now.  I haven't done a ton of packaging work, but I did release rpms for one of my projects so I have some experience with it.

My first package is up for review here: and it's looking like I will be getting more involved in the packaging of OpenStack-related components soon, so I look forward to working with the Fedora community on that as well.  And of course I will continue to scratch any itches that come up now that I'm using Fedora as my primary OS for work. :-)



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