Can we have better ssh fingerprint collision messages?

Chris Adams linux at
Tue Nov 12 02:11:14 UTC 2013

Once upon a time, Reindl Harald <h.reindl at> said:
> these lines are not written by hand and i replaced the key from "AAA" to "=="
> of the first one with the  key off a completly different host in the file
> resulting in the message i posted by ssh "harry at srv-rhsoft"

Replacing characters is making entries "by hand".  Replacing the first
characters with "==" creates an invalid key (it is base64 encoded which
cannot have "=" characters except at the end for padding as needed); it
could be OpenSSH ignores invalid lines (I don't know).

> > If there is no match to the host, you get the output you described; if
> > there is a match but the key is different, you get the original poster's
> > desired output.  This is standard (and I believe non-configurable)
> > OpenSSH behavior going back to the beginning (and IIRC to the original
> > SSH code before OpenSSH started)
> and as i have proven this is *not true* in all situations - period

That is incorrect.  The way to "prove" it is to connect to a host,
change its host key (easiest way is to move /etc/ssh/*key* aside and
restart sshd), and connect again.

Otherwise, show a case that didn't involve editing the known_hosts file.
The OpenSSH code only works one way.
Chris Adams <linux at>

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