[Test-Announce] Power Management Test Day today (2013-11-14)

Kamil Paral kparal at redhat.com
Thu Nov 14 10:01:12 UTC 2013

Forwarding an invite from Jan Scotka:

There is planned Power Management testday today. If you are interested to see capabilities of your machine or measure power consumption please join us, you will see what your HW know.
Everybody with various HW configuration welcomed (Old & New & Obscure & virt guests)

info: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2013-11-14_Power_management
when: today (Thursday) 14. 11. 2013
where: online: please connect mentioned IRC channels at wiki  #fedora-test-day, #fedora-power, #fedora-devel at freenode
how: You can install Fedora 20, or use liveCDs mentioned at wiki

You are very welcome
Your Power Management team

Jan Scotka <jscotka at redhat.com>
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