How to escape question mark / equality sign in spec's source URI to get proper source name

Alec Leamas leamas.alec at
Thu Nov 14 10:15:38 UTC 2013

On 11/14/2013 11:12 AM, Mathieu Bridon wrote:
> On Thu, 2013-11-14 at 05:01 -0500, Jan Lieskovsky wrote:
>> Hello guys,
>>       I have one source which has the form of (in the last part of it's URI):
>>    "checklist-cce-feed?id=295" (the source doesn't seem to be available otherwise
>> than via aforementioned query string - or at least I wasn't able to obtain
>> it's final location past the query => if you known there's a way how to find
>> out the final file location past the query string would be expanded, let me know).
>>      For now I present that source URI in the particular spec in it's original form
>> (including the query string to avoid rpmlint to complain about non-existing
>> source, and later in the %install moving that source to some more meaningful
>> name). This works on RHEL5 (maybe question mark / equality sign not having
>> special meaning there yet?), but not for example at Fedora-19.
>>       At Fedora 19 rpmbuild strips off the part till equality sign, iow
>> "checklist-cce-feed?id=" from the source and searches only for '295' =>
>> rpmbuild fails with a complain not being able to find "rpmbuild/SOURCES/295"
>> file.
> Maybe use only the name of the source file, and add a comment above
> explaining that it comes from that URL?
Or maybe use an url shortener out there, keeping the "real" url in a 
comment ?


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