F20 Beta upgrade issues - network status gone

Bastien Nocera bnocera at redhat.com
Thu Nov 14 15:53:34 UTC 2013

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> >> > - I don't have any Bluetooth status or display in gnome-shell now.  I
> >> >   did previously.  I do not know what I need to install or tweak to get
> >> >   it back, or where to report it.
> >>
> >> I'm not as sure about this one, but it's probably the same thing: no
> >> 'status' will be displayed unless there's something useful to display
> >> (like a paired device).
> >
> > Yes, the bluetooth icon shows up on the top bar when you've paired a
> > device. In that case you also get a bluetooth submenu in the system

Not paired, but connected to the device.

> > status. I just tried with my phone.
> Strangely I always have a bluetooth network menu even though i don't
> have any bluetooth networks configured

NM configures them automatically now. So you probably paired your phone
in this particular case.

> but I do have a number of
> bluetooth devices (mouse, speakers, headset) that I use to be able to
> connect with a couple of clicks once paired but now every time I want
> to use them I have to go into the control panel which is a good dozen
> or more clicks.

Mice, speakers and headsets should all try to connect to the computer
without you having to do anything. If that's not working (and I had some problems
with a mouse recently), that's probably what we should be looking at rather
than re-adding things to the menu.

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