Announcing fedocal 0.3.0

Pierre-Yves Chibon pingou at
Fri Nov 15 08:15:11 UTC 2013

Yesterday I updated the production servers to fedocal 0.3.0.
With it comes a number of features and bugfixes:
* Select the timezone when adding a new meeting
* Pre-view of the meeting description (allows Markdown -> html)
* iCal export link easier to find/copy for mobile devices
* Calendar can be deactivated
* fedmsg integration
* Calendar Managers and Admins are not shown for each calendar

It also came with a large number of bugfixes on recurring meetings, 
Sunday meetings, full day meetings visualizations, iCal feed being
incomplete for some meetings, event description  incorrectly
displayed and some more.

This release owe a *big thank* to Kamil Páral who has been heavily
testing and reporting bugs on the last version of fedocal.

This new version is available as before on:

And bug report and RFE are as always welcome at:

Thank you,

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