F21 System Wide Change: Headless Java

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Fri Nov 15 12:00:50 UTC 2013

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Am 15.11.2013 12:28, schrieb Jaroslav Reznik:
> = Proposed System Wide Change: Headless Java  =
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/HeadlessJava
> Change owner(s): Stanislav Ochotnicky <sochotnicky at redhat.com>
> Server installations of Fedora should usually not pull in packages related to 
> X system or sound subsystem. For this reason part of OpenJDK package has been 
> split into headless subpackage which has smaller dependency chain. Fedora 
> packages should be migrated to require java-headlesss instead of full java 
> package when appropriate.
> == Detailed description ==
> OpenJDK package in Fedora has been traditionally monolithic, pulling in a lot 
> of dependencies including (but not limited to)
> * libXrender
> * libXi
> * libXtst
> * pulseaudio 
> This is obviously not optimal for minimal server installations where OpenJDK 
> is used for web application development and deployment.
> Designed after Debian packaging, Fedora OpenJDK package has been split into 
> packages providing java and java-headless. This makes it possible for packages 
> to use "Requires: java-headless". For most libraries and generic packages this 
> is sufficient. End-user applications should keep "Requires: java" to pull in 
> full OpenJDK package.
> This change aims to convert most Java packages to have "Requires: java-
> headless" when appropriate. BuildRequires on java-devel are unaffected. 
> == Scope ==
> Proposal owners:
> * Modify javapackages-tools package to automatically generate "java-headless" 
> autorequires (simple change)
> * Identify and file bugs for affected packages (repoquery and bugzilla bug 
> creation)
> * (optional) Mass-change spec files that have "Requires: java" to "Requires: 
> java-headless" 
> Other developers:
> * Modify spec files to have "Requires: java-headless" instead of "Requires: 
> java"
> * (note) JavaSIG has several proven packages that could assist with this 
> change 
> Release engineering:
> * mass rebuild is not necessary but it would simplify things 
> Policies and guidelines:
> * Packaging:Java needs to be modified to account for java-headless package 
> existence (Note: there is already a packaging draft that aims to do that among 
> other changes) 

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