[Owner-change] Fedora packages ownership change

nobody at fedoraproject.org nobody at fedoraproject.org
Mon Nov 18 10:00:03 UTC 2013

Change in ownership over the last 168 hours

1 packages were orphaned
workrave [EL-6,devel,f18,f19,f20] was orphaned by tmraz
     Program that assists in the recovery and prevention of RSI

23 packages unorphaned
skottler        unorphaned : erlang-riak_pipe [EL-6]
skottler        unorphaned : erlang-riaknostic [EL-6]
skottler        unorphaned : erlang-basho_metrics [EL-6]
skottler        unorphaned : erlang-riak_kv [EL-6]
skottler        unorphaned : erlang-protobuffs [EL-5,EL-6]
skottler        unorphaned : erlang-riak_control [EL-6]
skottler        unorphaned : erlang-riak_pb [EL-6]
jfilak          unorphaned : jabrt [EL-6,devel,f19,f20]
skottler        unorphaned : erlang-riak_sysmon [EL-6]
skottler        unorphaned : erlang-rpm-macros [EL-6]
skottler        unorphaned : erlang-riak_err [EL-6]
skottler        unorphaned : erlang-riak_core [EL-6]
jfilak          unorphaned : fros [devel,f18,f19,f20]
skottler        unorphaned : erlang-riak_client [EL-6]
skottler        unorphaned : erlang-basho_stats [EL-6]
skottler        unorphaned : erlang-riak_api [EL-6]
skottler        unorphaned : erlang-rebar [EL-5,EL-6]
skottler        unorphaned : erlang-riak_search [EL-6]
pwouters        unorphaned : ipsec-tools [devel,f18,f19,f20]
churchyard      unorphaned : python3-cherrypy [f18,f19]
rjones          unorphaned : erlang [EL-6]
skottler        unorphaned : riak [EL-6]
gil             unorphaned : gradle [devel,f20]

5 packages were retired
python-dateutil [EL-5] was retired by stevetraylen
     Powerful extensions to the standard datetime module
perl-ElasticSearch [devel] was retired by eseyman
     API for communicating with ElasticSearch
sisu-maven-plugin [devel] was retired by mizdebsk
     Sisu plugin for Apache Maven
lpf-spotify-client [devel,f19,f20] was retired by leamas
     Spotify music player native client package bootstrap
gradle [devel,f20] was retired by gil
     Groovy-based build system

11 packages changed owner
limb            gave to churchyard         : python3-cherrypy [f20]
limb            gave to petersen           : ghc-mtl [EL-5]
limb            gave to churchyard         : skeinforge [EL-6]
limb            gave to petersen           : ghc-HTTP [EL-5]
limb            gave to petersen           : ghc-zlib [EL-5]
limb            gave to petersen           : ghc-parsec [EL-5]
limb            gave to petersen           : ghc-network [EL-5]
limb            gave to sjodogne           : orthanc [EL-6]
limb            gave to pbrady             : python-memcached [EL-6]
limb            gave to dshea              : libtimezonemap [f20]
limb            gave to petersen           : cabal-install [EL-5]

Sources: https://github.com/pypingou/fedora-owner-change

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