F21 System Wide Change: Headless Java

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu Nov 21 20:57:21 UTC 2013

Am 21.11.2013 21:50, schrieb Stanislav Ochotnicky:
> Regardless..what I meant to say: Nobody - as in I don't see anyone jumping up
> and down and volunteering to do the work and maintain the code, provide ways to
> workaround those inevitable false positives etc. I have asked and received a
> clear "no" from people who actually work on OpenJDK codebase. If anybody things
> they are smarted go ahead: prove them wrong

and that is why metapackge "java" pulling "openjdk" and "openjdk-headless"
woulkd be the right way because *nobody* would need volunteering because
nothing changes until a single package which may be the only one on
a server changes to "openjdk-headless" instead the full java

that would not be a big win in the first step, but a cheap one

but it can be a big win in case you have 20 servers using whatever java-package
which does not really need the X11 parts and is the only one pulling the
X11 dependency tree, it would require only a single RFE for that package

anybody else out there would see any imapct in any direction

why is it that hard to go *small* and *pragmatic* steps instead always
try to change the world at once?

that said from one not using any single java-package any longer on
servers but carried the openjdk for qenta-qtill payment over years
with *a lot* of useless dependencies called by a webserver with surely
no X11 dependency

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