Tako Schotanus tschotan at
Fri Nov 22 12:58:03 UTC 2013


I read that somebody wanting to be a package maintainer should introduce themselves, well here goes.

I'm Tako, a Software Engineer for Red Hat working on a new language, Ceylon (, that runs on top of the Java and Javascript VMs. We just published out first 1.0.0 and although we already had RPMs  (and ZIPs and DEBs) that could be downloaded from our website for a while now we'd like to add the package to the official Fedora repositories now that we're at 1.0.0 (also because Ubuntu is working on getting the package into their repos and as a RedHat sponsored project it would be weird if we didn't do the same for Fedora, right?)

So I'm completely new to this packaging business, I managed to piece together a SPEC file that results in an actually working RPM for our project and even Koji seems to accept it, but there's so much information to absorb that I'm feeling a bit out of my depth. (Our project being a programming language we're dealing with some difficult issues with respect to versioning and such, for now I've copied Java's with alternatives and such which might or not be a good idea). So if there are some friendly people here that can guide me through my first real submission that would be great!


Tako Schotanus
Senior Software Developer
Ceylon Language Project

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