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Fri Nov 22 15:57:55 UTC 2013

Hi Tim,

thanks for the info!
I had already started on the first Wiki and got to the point where I was able to build with Koji.
But the docs about requirements (naming, packaging, java etc) ... well that's a LOT to digest at once.
Especially when it's only for a single package :)

So I'm sure I'll appear on IRC with stupid noob questions!


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Feel free to ping me on freenode #fedora-devel, or #fedora-bigdata.

We've been doing a fair amount of packaging lately, and could offer up tips where needed. 

I often find the best starting point is here:

You will want to also read:


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> Hi,
> I read that somebody wanting to be a package maintainer should introduce
> themselves, well here goes.
> I'm Tako, a Software Engineer for Red Hat working on a new language, Ceylon
> (, that runs on top of the Java and Javascript VMs.
> We just published out first 1.0.0 and although we already had RPMs  (and
> ZIPs and DEBs) that could be downloaded from our website for a while now
> we'd like to add the package to the official Fedora repositories now that
> we're at 1.0.0 (also because Ubuntu is working on getting the package into
> their repos and as a RedHat sponsored project it would be weird if we didn't
> do the same for Fedora, right?)
> So I'm completely new to this packaging business, I managed to piece together
> a SPEC file that results in an actually working RPM for our project and even
> Koji seems to accept it, but there's so much information to absorb that I'm
> feeling a bit out of my depth. (Our project being a programming language
> we're dealing with some difficult issues with respect to versioning and
> such, for now I've copied Java's with alternatives and such which might or
> not be a good idea). So if there are some friendly people here that can
> guide me through my first real submission that would be great!
> Cheers,
> Tako Schotanus
> Senior Software Developer
> Ceylon Language Project
> RedHat
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