debuginfo packages available in updates later than regular packages.

Sandro Mani manisandro at
Sun Nov 24 15:50:51 UTC 2013


I wondered what the reason is that debuginfo packages seem to enter the 
repos only at the successive push compared to the regular packages, 
which ultimately means that debuginfo packages are available in updates 
ca 1 day after the regular packages. From abrt-reported bugs where 
people generate the backtraces locally, it occasionally happens that 
they send incomplete backtraces due to mismatching debugsymbols, and it 
would certainly help increasing the quality of backtraces if such cases 
could be avoided (btw, can this also happen on the retrace server?).

A nice solution to ensure consistency could be to have each debuginfo 
package require the exact version of the base package installed. Since 
the debuginfo package however cannot know which base (sub)package it 
should depend on, I wonder whether it could work if the package and all 
subpackages should provide something like: Provides: 
debuginfo-requirement(%{name}) = %{version}-%{release}?


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