python-django update to Django-1.6

Matthias Runge mrunge at
Mon Nov 25 08:07:55 UTC 2013


recently, I saw a few requests to update python-django to Django-1.6,
the corresponding bug is [1].

As there are quite a few changes, I'd expect this update to be harmful,
at least
- python-django-openstack-auth
- openstack-dashboard

will break, and won't even build any more (because they also execute
sanity checks during build).

So, the current plan is, to fix both packages upstream and then to
update python-django to Django 1.6 in rawhide. I'd expect this to happen
within the next two weeks and I'd update python-django to Django-1.6
around Dec 16th.

Because of bad timing, we won't have Django-1.6 in f20.



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