Meeting minutes - today's Env-and-Stacks WG meeting (2013-11-19)

Bohuslav Kabrda bkabrda at
Mon Nov 25 12:27:47 UTC 2013

> * PRD  (mmaslano, 16:19:29)
>    * LINK:   (abadger1999, 17:04:53)
>    * ACTION: everyone to send one general thing they want the WG to
>      enable and one specific thing they'd personally want to work on to
>      the mailing list this week  (abadger1999, 17:37:44)

As I've stated previously, I would like to work on few areas:
- Python stack - making Fedora the most appealing distro for Python developers, enabling builds of extension packages against alternative interpreters like PyPy or Jython
- SCLs - getting SCLs into Fedora (in a pragmatical and usable way)
- Setting up development environments - DevAssistant [1]
- Better tools for packagers/packaging automation - pyp2rpm (I haven't visited that for some time, will have to give it some time...), spec2scl, ...

So to get back to your question:
- I'd like the WG to think about how we could support building extension packages for multiple interpreters of dynamic languages - e.g. Python+PyPy+Jython, Ruby+JRuby+Rubinius (this will probably need to be coordinated with FPC).
- Personally, I invest lots of my time in work on DevAssistant, which IMHO is a relevant tool for this WG (it's about setting up development environments, scaffolding source code etc.) and I'd like to continue working on that.



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