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On 11/24/2013 11:33 PM, Tim Landscheidt wrote:
> Hi,
> IIRC fedora-review suggested to test packages on all sup-
> ported Fedora releases.  So, with a larger hard disk, I want
> to install Fedora 19, 20 (soon) and Rawhide and throw in
> (recent) Debian and Ubuntu as well.  As my notebook doesn't
> support VMs, I'm interested in best practices for partition-
> ing and multi-boot setups.
> Currently I use a partition for /boot and another for an en-
> crypted LVM, so I only need to worry not to put private data
> in /boot, and I would like to keep such flexibility.
> I suppose I need to create a /boot partition for each ver-
> sion/OS.  I have had different Fedora versions share the
> same encrypted LVM without problems; I assume Debian and
> Ubuntu will do so as well, but I will keep some free space
> and partitions just in case.
> More contested seems to be the multi-boot setup.
> has a
> myriad of opinions on how it should be set up;
> suggests "chainloader", and
> recommends "configfile".  Of course there is also GRUB's OS
> prober.
> So what are Fedora developers /actually/ using?  Creating a
> separate GRUB partition and "chainloader"/"configfile"?
> Running OS prober in the "main" OS after each installation/
> kernel update?  Something else?  How often do the setups al-
> low one to shoot oneself in the foot, or are they (more or
> less) "foolproof"?
> Thanks in advance,
> Tim

Enough people have asked this sort of question that Chris Roberts and I
started hacking on a Guide to address it. Suggestions, criticisms, or
contributions are equally welcome.


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