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puntogil at libero.it puntogil at libero.it
Tue Nov 26 20:22:25 UTC 2013

Il 26/11/2013 20:57, Pavel Alexeev ha scritto:
> 26.11.2013 20:00, puntogil at libero.it пишет:
>> Il 26/11/2013 16:42, Pavel Alexeev ha scritto:
>>> 26.11.2013 15:06,puntogil at libero.it  wrote:
>>>> Il 26/11/2013 11:34, Pavel Alexeev ha scritto:
>>>>> 25.11.2013 22:45, Mikolaj Izdebski wrote:
>>>>>> W dniu 25.11.2013 18:16, Pavel Alexeev pisze:
>>>>>>> How groovy will be in Fedora? Is it mean it also will be retired soon?
>>>>>> No, there are no plans of retiring groovy.  (Groovy can be either with
>>>>>> Ant or Gradle.  Fedora uses the first option.)
>>>>> Thanks, Mikolaj.
>>>>> But IIRC groovy >= 2.0 switched to gradle build only?
>>>> yes
>>>>> Have not you
>>>>> either plans to update it?
>>>> dont forget this problem
>>>> groovy-all 1.8.x asm3
>>>> groovy-all 2.x asm4
>>>> gradle use groovy-all 1.8.x ( with asm3) and asm4
>>> Then we have circle?
>> yes
>>> That problem what you discussing before (pointed in
>>> mail list previously)?
>> yes, but if you do the same type of question the answer is always the 
>> same
>>> So, no chance update both without exception use
>>> binary bundled version or fully maintain alternative build system
>>> (bootstrap)?
>> what would change? ... own nothing ...
>> gradle, use at runtime those libraries, and don't work with our ...
> Ok, sorry for the stupid questions. May be it because I can't believe 
> in it.
questions are never stupid,
> One more question. Did you see how other distributions handle it?
> Debian have groovy 2.1.0 ( 
> http://packages.debian.org/experimental/groovy ) and gradle 1.4 ( 
> http://packages.debian.org/search?searchon=names&keywords=gradle )
Debian packaging guideline allow some things,  such as, for e.g., 
groovy-all (with its bundled libraries asm3 commons-cli antlr 2.x) or 
maven-ant-tasks (with its bundled libraries ...) or maven 2.x or 
plexus-container-default 1.0-xxx, etc etc.
and i dont know if the experimental Debian branch is usable with gradle 
... but i think no
about this topic it has been discussed for a long time, and now this 
conversation is only a repetition.
and repeating the same things i "broke the boxes", then do not take it amiss
again my apologized

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