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Simon Farnsworth simon at
Wed Nov 27 10:33:26 UTC 2013

Hi Ales,

I've put up for review - 
I've not had time yet to go and review other people's packages.

Upstream know I'm doing this; they've taken a patch from me already that fell 
out of the review, to fix the FSF's address in their files.


On Wednesday 27 November 2013 05:19:36 Ales Ledvinka wrote:
> Hello,
> This might be the starting point:
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> Hello all,
> My employer, ONELAN, have been using Fedora as a baseline Linux system for 
> products for a while now, and I've just hit a situation where no-one's 
> packaging gstreamer1-python, but we're going to start depending on it.
> Rather than just keep my packaging work to myself, I'm volunteering to 
> maintain this package within Fedora, so that everyone can benefit from it, 
> including ONELAN (who will hopefully see the quality of the package improve 
> I learn from you guys).
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