RFC: Simply the retirement procedure - trigger on dead.package

Till Maas opensource at till.name
Wed Nov 27 18:21:53 UTC 2013


while cleaning up retired packages (which I did not yet finish), I came
up with an idea to simplify the retirement procedure to avoid
inconsistencies. With the help of fedmsg I would like to make it enough
wrt to koji and pkgdb to add a dead.package file to dist git to
retire a package. When this happens, an automated process will retire
the package in pkgdb and block the package in koji. This will make
it impossible to only dead.package or only retire a package in pkgdb.

To avoid problems with lost messages from fedmsg, a regular cleanup job
can download a git checkout and check for any missed dead.package files.

What are your opinions about this? I already checked with Dennis
Gilmore, he is ok with this.

My plan is to  first setup a service that triggers the retirement in
pkgdb and when this seems to work ask Infrastructure do disable retiring
packages for regular users in pkgdb.


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