RFC: Simply the retirement procedure - trigger on dead.package

Till Maas opensource at till.name
Wed Nov 27 21:47:17 UTC 2013

On Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 04:01:07PM -0500, Al Dunsmuir wrote:

> What  about  un-retirement? It is critical that administrators be able
> to handle this side of the packaging process, even after a release has
> been branched.

This is out-of-scope for my proposal, except that no packages should be
retired automatically after they were unretired.

> Ideally,  if  that  could  be just as fast. I would suggest triggering
> this  on  the _removal_ of the dead.package file in git, which perhaps
> would require proven-packager authority vs simply package ownership.
> This  would  make  it  a lightweigth process to handle resurrection of
> oprhaned and retired package or in case an error occurs. This would be
> especially  useful  if  a  large  number of packages were accidentally
> retired.

Unretirement requires manual inspection, because a re-review might be
required. Also it happens less often than retirement and it is easily
possible to retire a large amount of packages by administrative users if
required. Therefore I do not see the need for improvements.


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