Reopening: Q: webfonts:

Paul Flo Williams paul at
Sat Nov 30 20:04:47 UTC 2013

Petr Vobornik wrote:
>> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>>> Just write a fontforge or ttx script that flips this bit at rpm build
>>> time, assuming you've done your legal review correctly the bit is in
>>> contradiction with the font license (if the font was no installable we
>>> could not package it in the first place). You'll be doing nothing more
>>> than fixing a bug in upstream's font implementation.
> OK, seems to be the easiest way. Originally, I wanted to avoid it
> because idk what is the correct way. I've created a simple script to do
> it:
> [snip]
> The script is not good because it doesn't touch only OS/2 table but it
> regenerates the whole font file (different GPOS, dropping DSIG and
> without fmflags also dropping KERN table).
> I've also tried to use ttx with a hope that it won't touch other tables,
> but it crashed on parsing OpenSans font.

Considering changing fsType is just a change to 16 bits + a 32-bit
checksum, it shouldn't be necessary to regenerate the entire font. In
fact, Tom7 created a program to do just this job many years ago, called

I've just improved this to recalculate the OS/2 table checksum correctly
and handle multiple fonts in one go:

If you'd like to package this as well, you could use it in your Open Sans
package and you'd have something else to show sponsors :-)

Paul Flo Williams

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