Calibri/Cambria replacements Carlito/Caladea

Caolán McNamara caolanm at
Thu Oct 10 08:49:33 UTC 2013

I see that recently chromium appears to have commissioned two fonts
claimed to be metrically equivalent to Calibri and Cambria. Which is
super great from the perspective of giving LibreOffice a decent shot at
laying out Microsoft Office documents that use the default Calibri
equivalently. It would be really helpful if someone could package these
up for Fedora.

Name: Carlito (Calibri)
License: Carlito is metric-compatible with Calibri ... licensed under
OFL 1.1

Name: Caladea (Cambria)
License: Caladea is metric-compatible with Cambria ... fontforge reports
that the license field is Apache Public License 2.0


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