Announcing the Environment and Stacks Working Group

Marcela Mašláňová mmaslano at
Fri Oct 25 15:39:13 UTC 2013

I'd like to introduce to you Environment and Stack group. From our first 
round of emails it looks like we will work on interpreted languages, 
databases, software collections... We'd like to setup good environment 
for developers and admins and give other groups good environment for 
their work.
Our group didn't speak about any regular meetings and if we have some, 
it will be hard to plan time, because we are spread in many time-zones. 
I asked for new mailing list called env-and-stacks. I hope it's fine 
with all members of this group, I felt there was wish to have dedicated 
mailing list for the group.
As soon as mailing list is created, we will start working on our product 
requirement document. Currently, some members are working on:
* SCL in Fedora
* Python3 as default
And I guess everyone has an idea what can be improved in his/her area of 
expertise or how can be improved or changed tooling, which we are using. 
Let's meet on new mailing lists with your ideas.

The initial voting membership was selected by the FESCo coordinator (me, 
Marcela Mašláňová). There are more members of the group and it would be 
good if even more people join the discussion.

* Toshio Kuratomi as member of FPC and infrastructure he can help with 
guidelines and changes in infrastructure.

* Petr Kovar Technical writer at Red Hat, working on RPM and Software 
Collections documentation. Long-time contributor to Fedora and GNOME 
documentation, i18n & l10n and related fields. He'd like to focus on 
providing good packaging documentation for Fedora contributors and users.

* Tadej Janež "Pythonista" who would like to help in making Fedora the 
most attractive platform for upstream Python projects and developers.

* Sam Kottler As a member of the Rubygems + Bundler core teams, he'd 
like to help make the Ruby stack on Fedora more robust and have a 
particular interest in integrating the runtime more tightly with SCL.

* Slavek Kabrda Python maintainer, packager, developer of pyp2rpm and 
spec2scl. His interest is integrating Software Collections into Fedora 
and make them useful for wide community. Most experience packager of SCLs.

* John Dulaney Representing the Fedora QA.

* Honza Horak Databases team lead in Red Hat, package (co-)maintainer of 
several databases. He will try to find a way to offer both stability and 
new features within databases area.

* Jens Petersen Haskell SIG, i18n Project, Proven Packager and Tester. 
He would like to help strengthen the support for Functional Programming 
Languages and the general Fedora software developer experience, and in 
particular to make it easier to package for modern programming languages 
for Fedora.


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