[Bug 885474] make bails with *** INTERNAL: readdir: Bad file descriptor

Samuel Sieb samuel at sieb.net
Sun Sep 1 16:50:11 UTC 2013

Philip Prindeville <philipp_subx at redfish-solutions.com> wrote:
>Hi Petr,
>Can you please tell us what you need to resolve this bug?
>I'm currently unable to do OpenWRT development because of hitting this
>Looking at google search results, it seems to be a known issue but
>looking in the "make" project pages on fsf.org I don't see an upstream
>tracker for this.
>Am I correct in assuming that it's Fedora specific?
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I initially passed over this email quickly but I just realized that I ran into this issue as well. You're trying to compile in an NFS mounted directory, right? The problem is that it can't use flock on its lock files. I had to move the openwrt tree to a local filesystem to be able to compile.
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