Please help me test one use case in ReptierHost

Miro Hrončok mhroncok at
Sun Sep 1 18:16:32 UTC 2013


I have an issue with one of my packages in F19.

Package: RepetierHost

Affected versions: 0.84, 0.90C-1, 0.90C-2

Test case:

1. Install and run RepetierHost
2. Load any STL file (in toolbar, use Load button) (e.g.
3. Drag and drop the STL with Right Mouse Button

Expected right result:

The object moves over printing area

Expected wrong result:


The thing is, I see SIGABRT, but it might be my machine/setup related issue.

Feel free to test this package and karma it up or down:

Related upstream issue:

Thanks a lot
Miro Hrončok
Phone: +420777974800
IRC: mhroncok

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