GNOME 3.9.91 megaupdate

Kalev Lember kalevlember at
Wed Sep 4 17:04:03 UTC 2013

On 09/02/2013 05:44 PM, Kalev Lember wrote:
> The GNOME 3.9.91 release is coming as well, with a bit unfortunate
> timing wrt. Fedora freezes. In any case, we'll handle the GNOME 3.9.91
> builds together and file them as a single megaupdate in Bodhi.

GNOME 3.9.91 builds are now done and made it in right before the Alpha
freeze last night. Bodhi wasn't enabled yet so they made it directly
to the base F20 repo, and are available in today's F20 compose.

CC-ing Tim Flink: unfortunately, latest TC3 images were spinned based on
last night's compose and GNOME 3.9.91 is only in today's. Could you guys
request a new TC please?


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