seeking sponsorship to be newpackager of aoetools

Ed Cashin ecashin at
Thu Sep 5 00:36:46 UTC 2013


I have been talking to Christopher Meng about helping him maintain the aoetools package in Fedora in a co-maintainer role.

He is an experienced Fedora packager, and I am an upstream maintainer for the aoetools.  It would help me work with the primary packager if I could commit to my own branch in the aoetools Fedora git repository.

I am familiar with git and with RPM, and I submitted patches based on the aoetools 30 state of the repo, bringing it up to version 35, a few weeks ago.  The patch series was effectively dropped, though, for want of an active maintainer for aoetools.  That's OK, though, because now Christopher Meng is maintaining the package, and I would like to submit a fresh patch series that brings Fedora aoetools to the current upstream version, 36.

I now have a bugzilla account, Fedora Account System account, have joined the aoetools project, have created certificates and have used koji with the SRPM resulting from my old patch series, using the f19 target to show that things seem to be working:

Christopher Meng suggested that I ask for a sponsor, since he cannot be my sponsor.  If anyone is willing to help me take the next step, I'd appreciate it.

  Ed Cashin
  ecashin at

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