COPR - conclusion

Miroslav Suchy msuchy at
Thu Sep 5 08:12:13 UTC 2013

based on your feedback I decided to go with current code and integrate 
Koji as backend for Copr later.

I see three main reasons:

* A lot of you disagree with OBS. And no one is really excited from OBS.

* I'm the only full time developer of Copr; there is no community around 
OBS in Fedora. If something happen to me, there is no replacement and 
the project will probably stay in zombie state for quite long. If such 
issue happen with Copr+Koji, the changes will stay in Koji and rel-eng 
team can continue with development.

* OBS and Koji is soo much different (although I think OBS is superior). 
It really does not have sense to have two such different build systems 
for long term. And I do not think I can persuade Fedora Infrastructure 
team in long term to switch to OBS for main Fedora.

On the other hand, I do not think we can close the gap between Copr/Koji 
and OBS now nor in future as OBS have more resources. So I will try to 
get (in spare time) OBS to Fedora anyway and build some community around 
it. And revisit the decision in two-three years.
If you are willing to help me with packaging of OBS and get there some 
Fedora stuff (e.g mock) please ping me off-list.

Right now I want to get current Copr out of the door as soon as possible.
* which means package it, so it can be easily upgradable (frontend, cli 
are done, backend is on the way).
* give backend more disk space
* add chroots for building SCL
I hope that I can do that during September. And I expect release during 

After this release I plan to work with mikem on integration with Koji, 
which will last those 7 months, so around Spring 2014 we can roll out 
version with Koji as backend.

If you want to help me with Copr you are more then welcome. See
for mailing list address and git repository.


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