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> According to this:
> enterprise-linux-7.html<>
> RHEL7 will use XFS for the default boot/root.
> I could certainly have been out of town, for a while, and missed this.
> But, to the best of my knowledge, Fedora uses ext4 as the default
> boot/root. Just sounds a bit strange to me, that this is getting dumped
> into RHEL

It didn't get dumped into RHEL.  Red Hat has been working on XFS for a very
long time and I assume they have gained enough experience and run enough
tests to be confident about their decisions.  You don't have to make it
default in Fedora in order for Red Hat to be able to use it that way for
the purpose of RHEL.   There are dozens and dozens of things that Red Hat
has introduced into RHEL first or changed the defaults from Fedora (postfix
instead of sendmail,  GFS,  GNOME Classic mode by default etc) and this is
just one of them.

If you steadfastly believed that Fedora is just a beta or whatever, then
you should be very surprised but otherwise this is just a routine thing.

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