Dracut HostOnly or ConfigurationOnly?

Till Maas opensource at till.name
Sat Sep 7 07:24:09 UTC 2013

On Thu, Sep 05, 2013 at 04:51:14PM +0200, Harald Hoyer wrote:

> host only means, it only works on that machine (kernel modules) with that disk
> layout (including language and keymap for disk passwords).

Language and keymap setting are not mentioned in the release notes

> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/DracutHostOnly#Release_Notes
> This Fedora release builds an initramfs tailored especially for your computer
> hardware. If you change your machine or partitions or significant hardware, you
> might have to boot with the "Rescue" boot entry and execute "dracut
> --regenerate-all". If you want your initramfs to be hardware independent,
> install the "dracut-nohostonly" rpm package. If you don't want rescue images at
> all (like in virtual machines), install the "dracut-norescue" rpm package.


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