IMPORTANT, please read: Spins QA signoff for milestones

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Tue Sep 10 19:00:26 UTC 2013


I have added a set of cols to the spins page for f20:

One each for "Alpha" "Beta" and "Final"

kde and desktop are release blocking so they will always be shipped, so
I put 'yes' for them for all milestones. 

Please update this table when/if you test a TC/RC version of a spin for
a milestone. I'll also try and go update it based on other tests in
the wiki as we go on. I updated Xfce Alpha as I tested TC4 with it (and
intend to test rc's as well).

It's important to keep this up to date so we know what spins to ship
for a milestone. If you are a spin owner and don't have time to test,
please try and line up some folks to test for you. 

You will need at least one person to test or your spin will not be
shipped for that milestone. 


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