are you annoyed by frequent password prompts?

Dhiru Kholia dhiru.kholia at
Wed Sep 11 07:10:42 UTC 2013

In FESCo ticket #1115, it was decided to modify the privilege escalation
policy in order to allow local, active, admin user to update/remove/etc
signed software without requiring a password.
At this point, such an user can do "pkcon install <package>" to install
packages without being prompted for the password.
In FESCo ticket #1117, it was decided to extend this policy to
potentially cover other privileged operations. At this point, "we" are
looking for more use cases. Lot of such use cases are already listed on
the following page,
Here is a sample use case; ability to launch my own VMs using
virt-manager without authenticating every time.
Do *you* have a use case of your own? Here is your chance to get rid of
those password prompts for your own use case!
Please *note* that these policies can be modified locally (or disabled
altogether) to fit different situations. An option to *specifically*
enable or disable such privilege escalation policy can be given at the
install time or / and run-time. Thoughts?
Also *note* that the goal of this email (and the ticket in general) is
to promote brainstorming at this point. I'm not saying or promising that
"we" are going to do everything you guys demand.

Some of you may find to be relevant

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