IMPORTANT, please read: Spins QA signoff for milestones

Dan Mashal dan.mashal at
Wed Sep 11 07:19:28 UTC 2013

On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 12:00 PM, Kevin Fenzi <kevin at> wrote:
> Per:
> I have added a set of cols to the spins page for f20:
> One each for "Alpha" "Beta" and "Final"
> kde and desktop are release blocking so they will always be shipped, so
> I put 'yes' for them for all milestones.
> Please update this table when/if you test a TC/RC version of a spin for
> a milestone. I'll also try and go update it based on other tests in
> the wiki as we go on. I updated Xfce Alpha as I tested TC4 with it (and
> intend to test rc's as well).
> It's important to keep this up to date so we know what spins to ship
> for a milestone. If you are a spin owner and don't have time to test,
> please try and line up some folks to test for you.
> You will need at least one person to test or your spin will not be
> shipped for that milestone.

Just an FYI for everyone... target size for MATE spin will probably
change (to <=1000MB). While I haven't had a chance to test I will get
someone (besides myself) to test. In regards to the size, I have not
changed a thing so I'll try to look deeper into it later (currently
not really able to work on it )... it's not a deal breaker for the
spin just a NTH and again this is just an FYI so everyone knows.


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