Packages requiring Xorg "BackingStore" "true"

Sandro Mani manisandro at
Wed Sep 11 10:16:19 UTC 2013


Some time ago I've packaged Xfoil, Avl and Xrotor (which are popular 
codes for foil/fluid-dynamics related computations), but I never ended 
up posting a package review for one reason: the plot window of those 
programs needs "BackingStore" "true" set in xorg.conf, or otherwise the 
contents of the plot windows will disappear as soon as something else 
covers the window. Now, this is not a terribly huge blocker, in the 
sense that the package basically also works without the setting, but 
still, it is not pretty. Hence I wonder on possible approaches to pursue:
- There are reports of BackingStore causing instabilities with certain 
configurations, so I guess shipping a file in xorg.conf.d is not really 
the way to go.
- A README file telling the user that sHe should enable the setting for 
the optimal experience but warning of potential instability is probably 
the best way to proceed, though the user needs to think of looking in 
/usr/share/doc/Xfoil or in the read the package description to gather 
this information.
- Question for anyone with Xorg knowledge: how feasible is it to patch 
out of the plot window code the need for BackingStore? I.e. does it only 
require some minor changes to the Xlib calls? For reference, the code is 
here: [1]



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