Packages requiring Xorg "BackingStore" "true"

Sandro Mani manisandro at
Wed Sep 11 11:09:16 UTC 2013

On 11.09.2013 12:21, Florian Weimer wrote:
> On 09/11/2013 12:16 PM, Sandro Mani wrote:
>> - Question for anyone with Xorg knowledge: how feasible is it to patch
>> out of the plot window code the need for BackingStore? I.e. does it only
>> require some minor changes to the Xlib calls? For reference, the code is
>> here: [1]
> > [1]
>    case Expose:
>       if(last_event != Expose)
>       { /* replot_(&idev); */
>          XSetInputFocus(display,window,RevertToNone,CurrentTime); }
>       break;
> As a first step, I would comment-in that replot_ call and see what
> happens.

Thanks for you quick reply, unfortunately the replot function is defined
nowhere. Possibly the author had started to look at the issue but never
finished, since I guess that the comment "if Expose events are to regen
the display, comment out these references to backing store" above assume
the replot function is used. (My blind attempt at commenting the
references to backing store as hinted did not magically fix the problem,
as probably was to be expected).

Adding here to what Alexander answered: this is a good point, I hadn't
thought of that since I was running the program on an Xfce desktop
without compositing...


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