SSSD 1.11 and AD homeDirectory

Jeffrey Ollie jeff at
Wed Sep 11 19:19:59 UTC 2013

I'm messing around a bit with the new AD support in SSSD 1.11.  I've gotten
authentication working against our AD at work, but I'd like to be able to
mount the user's "home folder" (in our environment, it gets mapped to the
P: drive if you're logging into a Windows system that is part of the
domain) as their Linux home directory.  The user's home folder can be on
one of a dozen or more file servers, so I need to use the AD homeDirectory
attribute and dynamically mount the CIFS filesystem.

Numerous Google searches and man page readings haven't turned up the magic
incantation that I need to turn this on.  Is what I want to do possible
with SSSD 1.11?  If so, is it documented anywhere than the source?

Jeff Ollie
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