I am thinking of adding compression to libselinux

Lennart Poettering mzerqung at 0pointer.de
Thu Sep 12 12:25:47 UTC 2013

On Thu, 12.09.13 08:16, Daniel J Walsh (dwalsh at redhat.com) wrote:

> > Well, you might buy smaller footprint with slower boot time, but I figure
> > without trying it there's no way to know that for sure.
> > 
> > (That said, our minimal image is a couple of 100mb still, iirc, so 2mb is
> > not thaaaat much.)
> > 
> >> Should I use a different algorithm?
> >> 
> >> Advise on using libxz?  Keep memory small?
> > 
> > I think nowadays it's either gzip or xz, and everything else is not 
> > interesting, as the others either are slower or compress worses, and most
> > importantly: libgz/liblzma are deps of the core OS anyway and included in
> > the minimal image anyway and are also already mapped into memory, so come
> > basically free.
> > 
> > Lennart
> > 
> Well I will need to support both compressed and uncompressed versions, so I
> guess I could set up the tooling to create either based on config.

Well, it could be that fewer disk accesses and stuff might actually
speed things up when you compress things, in which case doing the
compression is faster and smaller, in which case i see no point in
supporting anything but the compressed version...


Lennart Poettering - Red Hat, Inc.

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