Scala package owner unresponsive

Will Benton willb at
Thu Sep 12 14:02:16 UTC 2013

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> Do you have the log output of the failing tests?

I can probably dig it up, but the breakdown was something like this:

* most of the failures were because they expected different character encodings than the default in JDK7 (crashing with MalformedInputExceptions)
* a couple of tests (the pax exam for OSGi testing in particular) failed under rpmbuild but not in a by-hand run in my ~rpmbuild/BUILD directory
* one test failed under mock but not under rpmbuild

> Also, the Source0 URL doesn't work (404) with the new layout of the
> scala-lang website, it should now be
> "{fullversion}.tgz"

Thanks for pointing this out.  I had caught this in an earlier attempt to fix this package but missed it this time.  The SRPM (2.10.1-4) and spec are now fixed to reflect this.


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