BlueZ Status in Fedora.

Rave it chat-to-me at
Thu Sep 12 16:30:17 UTC 2013

Current status update for MATE.

1. Creating an applet for using gnome-bluetooth inside MATE is a death project for me.
The applet himself is working (thanks kalev), but using gnome-blutooth properties is a problem since 'properties' isn't a standalone application anymore and moved to control-center.
In result a user needs to install control-center and deps which is totally worse.

2. after vacation time MATE upstream has decided to port mate-bluetooth to bluez5 which will come for MATE-1.8 maybe  and of the year or later. This means for f20 MATE won't support bluetooth. We will obsolete mate-bluetooth for the moment to avoid bug reports about this and re-activate it if it is ported to bluez5 during the release cycle of f20 and for f21.

3. A user of MATE desktop can use bluedevil from KDE for f20, which seems to be well working inside MATE. Bluedevil has also a systray applet.
It would be very nice to mention this in f20 release notes.

4. From my personal side i won't block bluez5 for f20


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