Provenpackagers can help (was: Re: OCaml 4.01.0 coming to Fedora Rawhide this weekend)

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at
Sat Sep 14 13:04:08 UTC 2013

For provenpackagers who want to pitch in with OCaml builds, here's a
summary of what I'm doing:

 - Check that the master branch hasn't been updated already.

 - Check if there's a new upstream version, and upgrade to it if so.

 - REMOVE any of:

   %global/%define debug_package %{nil}
   %global/%define __strip /bin/true

 - REMOVE any stripping of binaries/libraries.

 - REMOVE any prelink hacks (example [3]).

 - Ensure that the build uses 'ocamlopt -g' or 'ocamlopt.opt -g'
   option.  You may need to patch the build system (see example[1]).
   This is the hardest part because unfortunately all upstream build
   systems are a bit different and some are a bit crazy.

 - Do a local test build and check that:

   (a) It builds
   (b) ocaml-X-debuginfo is created
   (c) ocaml-X-debuginfo is not empty
   (d) ocaml-X-debuginfo looks reasonable (it should contain some
       *.c and/or *.ml source files at least)

If that works, push it and build it.

If there are any problems, you can either ask me or just leave that

Here are some examples:




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