Provenpackagers can help (was: Re: OCaml 4.01.0 coming to Fedora Rawhide this weekend)

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at
Sun Sep 15 22:20:42 UTC 2013

On Sun, Sep 15, 2013 at 01:25:39PM -0500, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 14, 2013 at 14:04:08 +0100,
>   "Richard W.M. Jones" <rjones at> wrote:
> >
> >If that works, push it and build it.
> >
> >If there are any problems, you can either ask me or just leave that
> >package.
> Can you check that ocaml-camlimages looks OK now?

I was watching the checkins and they look fine (apart from the bizarre
tarball name, but hey, upstream for camlimages has always been mad ...)

I'm a bit concerned that the debuginfo does not contain any source

Probably what is happening is that -g is not being passed to both gcc
and ocamlopt.  Anyway, it doesn't look right.

Unfortunately the package uses 'omake' so it's anyone's guess how to
make it pass the right flags.  I have no experience with omake.


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