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   Hello Tomasz,

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>   You seem to have missed this Fedora *18* feature:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/firewalld-default 
>   firewall-cmd is supposed to isolate user from all this chains.

   Yep, true. My contention is not with the tool, but with the complexity it adds to the rules with all the zones and sub-chains and user-space tooling around it. 

   -> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FirewallD

As I suspected a zone describes a network one is currently connected in. It could be home, work, public(wifi at a coffee shop) etc. That means one must keep shifting from home to work to home and in between public for coffee-shop. I wonder who's going to do that every day. If they don't they either don't get to use the network services or are not protected enough. Ex. one always has the 'public' zone rules activated.

>   That's mDNS, widely used in zeroconf discovery (for example, printers).

   I did not mean why is it used, but who needs it. I think for most users such configurations are fairly static that mDNS & avahi can be disabled after their first usage/discovery. Having a service/port open all the time, when you don't need it, isn't a good thing.


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