Mouse focus stealing bug

Maros Zatko mzatko at
Mon Sep 16 09:09:18 UTC 2013

On 09/10/2013 09:47 PM, Jan Pokorný wrote:
> On 31/08/13 09:36 +1000, Peter Hutterer wrote:
>> On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 01:19:54PM +0200, Maros Zatko wrote:
>>> Hello dear Fedora comunity,
>>> I've hit very weird bug which happen to get very urgent now.
>>> Something (very likely GTK{2,3} but not sure at all) is stealing my
>>> mouse focus so that I cannot click anymore. Symptoms are in range
>>> from being able to click once or several times AFTER switching
>>> desktop (tag), to being able to click only with left button (with
>>> right being totally unresponsive) to not being able to click at all
>>> anymore until I kill Xorg.
>>> Killing Xorg was *the fix* -- for you to understand, after reboot I
>>> *had* to kill Xorg session three times, with spawning some GTK app
>>> in between runs so that I hit the issue and Xorg restart had the
>>> right effect.  What happens now is that Xorg restart are NOT
>>> helping any more, i.e.  after that it "works" for about 5 minutes
>>> and then it get progressively more and more wrong until I cannot
>>> click any more.
>>> My nowadays combo is Xmonad with nm-applet and some other basics
>>> plus firefox, xchat, pidgin and some gnome-terminals (and couple of
>>> other random stuff). To hit the issue is enough to spawn xchat and
>>> firefox in a clean session.
>>> I've been hitting the very same issue before when I was using
>>> Awesome WM, but I thought it was its issue so I've picked xmonad
>>> but after some time the same issues returned.
>>> So, dear Fedora community, I beg you for help. I have no idea how
>>> can I fix this, nor how can I debug it. Any help would be really
>>> welcome.
> Started to occur to me from time to time as well (LXDE at F18, inputs come
> through synergy).
> Last time, I think it started in connection with Firefox, and
> fortunately it stopped with exiting Firefox.  In the meantime,
> the treatment was to either switch to another virtual desktop
> (and I am not sure if I used to right-click anything here) and
> back, or to right-click bottom panel.
Yep, sometimes it's Firefox, sometimes gnome-terminal.
In other cases it's caused by xchat. And 100% chance to
stuck your mouse is to have it grabbed by qemu which then
dies ungracefully (crashed; killed).
>> sounds like a stuck grab. that can be a bug in the server or the
>> application, but it's notoriously difficult to debug.
>> grabs are triggered by keyboard shortcuts, popup/dropdown menus and by
>> simple button presses (i.e. drag and drop usually triggers a grab).
>> generally if grab is stuck, the client with the grab still receives events,
>> so you may be able to narrow it down by clicking and hoping that _something_
>> responds to the click. that is the client with the grab then.
> Yep, it looked like intended client was overriden, at least for
> the part of the observed behavior.
>> You'll have to figure out a reproducible test case because there are so many
>> factors at play and the code is so convoluted that debugging this otherwise
>> is almost impossible.
> Unfortunately.  And backtracking which update introduced this issue would
> be unrealistically time consuming provided that the reproducer seems
> to be quite random.  So my hope is it will go away the same way it
> arrived.
One of possible "remedies" is to switch to VT{1-5} then switch to Xorg.
Observed behaviour is that dzen2 panel is gone but Xmonad still works,
to that I'm able to switch tags but I can't see on which one I'm located
nor other provided info, BUT I can click. Then when I restart/reload WM
I able to click again until the same thing happens again.

I suspect that it's caused by something old-and-rotten in my .config 
or some old gconf setting that I don't understand at all.

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