Reproducible Builds in Fedora

Dhiru Kholia dhiru.kholia at
Mon Sep 16 14:54:44 UTC 2013


I have been working on having Reproducible Builds in Fedora for some

At this point, I think I have something demoable. Ensuring Reproducible
Builds is a big task and I want your feedback, ideas, code and support.

Please see for details.

I would like to thank Debian and Ubuntu folks for starting similar
projects (and inspiring this work).

Reproducible Builds

It should be possible to reproduce every build of every package in

We want to be able to show that our binary was the result of our source
code from our compiler and nobody added anything along the way.

Can we (upstream / vendor) show that one of our rpms was built from the
source we ship?

It should be possible for the users to verify that the binary matches
what the source intended to produce, in an independent fashion. We (the
distribution provider) shouldn't be forced to say "Trust Us" to our
users at all.

Steps Involved

* Recording the build environment (DONE)

  - Koji does this automatically :-)

* Re-producing the build environment (DONE)

  - Retrieve "brootid" (buildrootID) corresponding to the NVR we want to
    test from Koji (DONE)

  - Replicate this buildroot (DONE)
  - Create replica build environment using "Mock" (DONE)
* Do re-builds locally using mock (DONE)
* Verify new build against upstream (DONE, Steve's script works great)

Current State

* Packages like git, john and qpdf are 100% reproducible as far as code
  is concerned :-)

Current Challenges


* python-epydoc will add timestamps to the HTML file it produces (
  needs FIXING).

* javadoc will add timestamps to the HTML file it produces (needs


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