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Tue Sep 17 08:59:48 UTC 2013

  Hi Mateusz,

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> Subject: Re: About F19 Firewall
> Wireless networks have unique "names" and are represented as different
> connections on NetworkManager (network connection != interface). For
> network named "MyHomeNet" one can associate Home zone in 
> NetworkManager and for network "CoffeShowHotSpot" one assigns Public zone. You 
> don't have to change anything once it's assigned. Public zone is as I
> understand strictest but usable one (block zone does not allow traffic).
> This can also be applied to wired connection.

   Yep, true.Individual zones for each type of network seems to offer choice and versatility from Firewalld. But a user could end up using the same zone for all networks, because it appears as the default one when doing the network <=> zone assignment in NetworkManager. I don't use NetworkManager so not sure how it works.

> I agree they're harder to understand and maintain manually by sysadmin but they're not designed for such usage.

   Hmmn, it should have been a package for user to install at will, rather than a replacement of an understandable firewall.



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