Fedora Working Groups: Call for Self-Nominations

Jens Petersen petersen at redhat.com
Thu Sep 19 04:58:32 UTC 2013

I feel this is a an exciting evolution for Fedora.
At the same time of course it will be a big change,
and there could be some risk of the increased complexity
fragmenting Fedora development somewhat, but it should
FESCo to scale to support the needs of these separate
products better.

I know this is work-in-progress and details are
still going to emerge so forgive me if I am jumping
the start gun here going into nitty-gritty details,
but I am not getting an overall picture of
how the current images/trees and spins of Fedora releases
will map into the new WGs and products:

Presumably the DVD.iso may be replaced by images
for the individual new products.

> * Fedora Workstation

Will this subsume Live-Desktop.iso and Live-KDE.iso?
What about other current desktop Spins?
Presumably some of these might have a secondary WG.

> * Fedora Server

I am assume this would include a GUI

> * Fedora Cloud

and this no GUI.

> * Base Design Working Group


What about the main toolchain, devel languages, and X/Wayland, etc?
Would they fit in here too, or would they be covered by FESCo?

((Will each product with iso's will have its own netinst.iso,
or would it allow choosing the product?  TBD presumably...))

> * Environments & Software Stacks Working Group

Might this involve separate repos building on top of the main fedora repos?

Will all the products remain on the same schedule?
Will spins require secondary WG's?
What will be the process for starting a secondary WG?

I guess my general question is also about clarifying the general
scope of each of the WG's though I gather this is still to be defined.

I am sure there are a lot of things to think about, but
these are some of the initial questions that have been
coming up in my mind.  I am just curious to hear more of
the general overall release vision without pre-empting
the coming discussions and proposals of the individual WG's.


ps I wasn't at Flock alas so I may have missed some of the earlier
discussions that might already have covered some of this...

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